Kale Salad with Chicken

I had no intentions on posting about this salad, or else I would have taken a much nicer blog-worthy photo (what a missed opportunity on my part, gaaah), but it was really tasty, so I decided to share it anyway. This photo will more than likely be replaced with a better version in the coming days because these things matter, okay?

This simple, yet filling salad is a mashup (literally) of kale, avocado, lemon and lime juice, tomatoes, pink Himalayan salt, and carrots, topped with chicken tenderloins (which were marinated in maple syrup and turmeric). The original recipe - video included, which you can check out here, calls for chopped celery as well, but since the only way I enjoy my celery is cooked, I skipped that ingredient. 

I've really been trying to incorporate healthier options into my meals, and this is definitely a great place to start, although I’m still slowly warming up to kale. Do I plan on ditching a delicious burger or a platter of loaded nachos forever? Hell no. Food is to be thoroughly enjoyed, so I will always indulge, but consistently including healthier choices is no longer an option, it's a necessity. For me, it's all about figuring out what I enjoy. It's definitely been trial and error (keep the brown rice far, far away from me), but I will not be defeated.

Emerald Green + Links From Around the Web

A friendly loft in Los Angeles, via Cup of Jo

I know, I know, it's been a minute. But you've gotta understand, if I'm not feeling inspired, there's no need in wasting time trying to conjure up a generic blog post. It has to hit me; I have to feel it, and today, I feel it, so here it is. A brand new blog post for the new year!  

Let's talk green things. Specifically, emerald green things. More specifically, emerald green furniture. Incorporating the color green into your living space welcomes harmony, balance, and is said to restore and renew depleted energy. For the past year, I've been fantasizing over the idea of having an emerald green sofa. Granted, my current sofa is only two years old, so purchasing a new one right now wouldn't make much sense. But I'm really enjoying entertaining the thought. I mean, how can I not? Look at this. And hers. And hers too. Drool.

Although I don't need a new couch, owning an emerald green accent furniture piece was still a possibility. The biggest issue would be, "where would it go in this tiny living space of mine?" But when it comes to home decor, if I really want something, I figure out a way to buy it, and figure out the logistics later. 

Naturally, the pieces you really lust over are always outside of your desired price range - case in point - this chair, and this one. I did a massive internet search to find an emerald green arm chair that looked great, but wouldn't break the bank, and I came across this darling piece. I decided to bite the bullet and purchase it online. I wasn't even sure if it was comfortable, but I trusted that it would be. Long story short, it was delivered last week, and I must say that I absolutely adore it in my space. I had to move some furniture (and plants) around to make it work, but it's nestled comfortably in my front room underneath my beloved bird of paradise plant. I plan to take some photos of the chair once I get a dose of some good natural light. 

Hmm, what else? Oh, I spent the month discovering new online content, and came across Misako's youtube channel. I love the simplicity of her videos. 

I also discovered another youtuber - Hella Jam (such a hella cute name). Her studio apartment tour appeared in my feed, and I'm so glad I clicked on it. I love seeing how others decorate small spaces, and I also love how you can get a sense of a person's personality based on how they decorate their homes. Just darling.

I don't recall if I talked about Ashley + Mecca's apartment yet, but just in case I didn't, check it out. Everything about this apartment is so perfect. The color palette, the plants, the floors, so many things to love. 

Tracee Ellis Ross's cover story with Glamour magazine is a must-read. I simply adore this woman. She is such an inspiration. So many gems in this interview. 

Living Lush: Loft Edition

If you're new to my blog, then you may not know that my dream living space is a loft. But now you do, so you're officially all caught up. I'm still not sure when I'll be able to afford one in this lifetime, but I'm keeping hope alive. The dream-to-reality is so close, yet so very far away. Give me a few more years. In the meantime, I've rounded up some lovely loft interiors to get us all through. 

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Take a Picture

“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.”
— Ansel Adams