I'm a Detroit native, currently living in Columbus, Ohio. I've been a part of the blogosphere for many moons. The introspective side of me has always had a passion for writing my personal thoughts in blog form in an effort to become more polished at articulating all the reflections swirling around in my head, but documenting and curating content of the people, places, and things that I revere (and maybe a few things that I don't) has also been a favorite past time of mine for as long as I can remember. Welcome to my little corner of the interwebs.

“Don’t settle for nice, for pleasant, for familiar. Keep looking until you find something that really moves you, that resonates with your core. And I mean this for people, for interests, for hobbies, for your possessions, clothes, music, books, art. Everything. Curate every aspect of your life, as much as you can. It’s in the things that deeply inspire us that we find ourselves. Surround yourself with truth, and you’ll have built yourself a heaven.” - unknown

New Year Thoughts, 2.22.22

Happy new year! Yes, I am very aware that we are well into 2022 at this point, but truthfully speaking,  my  new year doesn't officially begin until the start of Spring Equinox. March is my birth m…

Emotional Bubble

I've been in a (for lack of a better word) weird, "emotional" bubble the past few weeks, perhaps longer. Unless there has been a dire need or longing to communicate with loved ones, I h…

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