Clean Slate: Happy 2017

I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday, doing whatever your heart desired, and spending it with the people you love. I made the conscious effort to stay in Columbus this holiday season. For me, the end of year brings about a lot of reflection, so it's nice to spend those moments alone. I did manage to get out and spend Christmas day and New Year's Eve with one of my good buddies here in Columbus, and it was a great time. There was lots of food involved, lots of Coronas, and lots of Ketel One vodka. Can we say I'm lots tired?

I've already made my first purchase of 2017. A very small purchase, but one that aligns with what my vibe's been on these past few months. Moments of Mindfulness and Naturally Mindful. I'm really looking forward to adding these simple reads to my small collection of books and soaking up these bits of wisdom and positivity.

It's currently 3:23am, and I am up way past my bedtime. NYE is my favorite day of the year - well, in addition to my birthday (of course). It's such a special time of year, and it really fills me up emotionally - in a good way, so it's important that I remain in a positive mental space the entire day. Mission accomplished. Now that the evening has simmered down, I am going to close my eyes, and hopefully dream something wonderful. Hope you do the same.

Have a kick-ass 2017.

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