Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

I'm what you would call "uniquely wired." On one hand, I am not afraid of change, and not necessarily afraid of doing things on an impulse (moving to two different states where I didn't know pretty much anyone), but on the other hand, I hate feeling like I'm being taken out of my comfort zone. I think I feel this way because when I am not in control of what I do, I become overwhelmed, and very resistant. Yes, I'm a control freak. Working on that.

I have learned so much about myself this year. Listen, no matter how old you get, you're never not learning, and if you think you actually come to a point in life where you know it all, then you're doing this all wrong.

I want to be okay with receiving assistance in this area of my life. I want to be open to receiving those challenges from people that I respect. Take my boss for instance. This evening at our after-work gathering (these people love spending time together, let me tell you), she suggested that I schedule meetings (a.k.a. a lunch date) with two people in my department. She noticed that I always go to lunch alone, and I think this was her very not-so-subtle way of getting me out of my comfort zone.

While I respected what she was doing, my inner self was like, "Um, I'd rather not." I go on my breaks alone for a reason. But I had to stop and realize that in order for me to grow, there will be times when I'm challenged to do things that are uncomfortable as fuck. Truthfully, working for this particular company has taken me completely out of my comfort zone without even trying, so everyday, I'm feeling this pressure...this pressure to many things, things that I should try to incorporate into my life, but dammit, not against my will. I do not like being told what to do.

Everyday is a new opportunity to become more open to trying new things. I know this. So, as I'm sending out these two lunch meeting requests tomorrow, I'll be doing so with positive thoughts, or at least trying to. Pray for me.

Taking risks in life is what fuels our growth, and allows us to become fearless, and more confident.
Do things differently every once in a while; break the monotony. Drive a different route to and from work a few days a week. Try a new recipe twice a month, something unlike anything you're used to cooking on a normal basis. Explore a new neighborhood. This one in particular, is on my list. There are so many cool neighborhoods in Columbus, yet I'm most comfortable just staying in my little four-mile radius because I live close to everything, so there's no need to travel far if I don't need to. But in doing this, I'm closing off so other many cool options of restaurants,  art galleries, thrift shops, etc., to experience.

Live life with an open mind, and don't be afraid of change. Yes, change is scary and uncomfortable, but it's supposed to be. If we aren't changing and growing, we're not living.

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