Home Styling: My Passion, & The Intense Desire To Learn More

It's no secret by now that interior design is my heart's joy. Well, interior design with a major emphasis and focus on interior decorating, or as the new kids call it, home styling. I can get with that title. It's kind of neat.

Although I took a year of interior design courses and soaked up a lot of information in such a short time, there is still so much I do not know about interior design, and decorating a home. Sure, I've decorated my own home, but I think it's easy to style your own space because, well, it's YOU. You know what you like, you know what makes you feels good, and what makes you happy. Your home should be a representation of who you are, and should reflect your personal style. But then again, if everyone knew this, there would be no need to hire an interior designer to do the work for you, so scratch everything I just said.

Personally, I don't think I have what it takes to style someone else's home - yet. Now, I could be wrong - I've been wrong at lots of things before, but I'm still not convinced I could pull it off. Everyone else seems to think otherwise, so maybe I'M the crazy one here.

There's so much that goes into decorating a space. Technically, there are no rules to interior decorating, as you should be able to do as you please with your living space, but there are those standard guidelines that exist for a reason, and are extremely beneficial to follow. These guidelines sort of serve as the foundation. There's an art and a science to this, okay? You have to know about harmony, scale, rhythm, emphasis, unity, balance. These are like, the basic principles of design. And it's usually in this moment that I sometimes question if I could actually do this for REAL. How do you bring someone else's vision to life when they aren't particularly sure what their vision is? Do I have what it takes to pull that inspiration out of them? Am I even that creative myself?

I have lots of interior design/decor books that I have yet to read from front to back, so that is one of the tasks I am putting on my to-do list for the near future. Since I am not in school right now, I think it would be a great idea to read, take notes, and continue learning as much as I can about a subject that I truly love. Some of the decor books on my little shelf include Domino: The Book of Decorating, Jonathan Adler on Happy Chic Accessorizing, Home Design Handbook, The Smart Approach to Small Space Living, Sage Living: Decorating for The Life You Want, and The New Bohemians. These are just a few books out there that provide some serious inspiration as well HOW to decorate. Also, practice makes perfect, so decorating and reorganizing my own home will always be my on-going home styling project.

Isn't this home freaking stunning? It belongs to Margrethe and Jan Del Lehrmann. It's simply breath-taking. Seeing such beauty in a home never ceases to amaze me and never not makes me squeal with excitement. I know I use the word "inspiring" way too much on this blog, but really...is this home not inspiring as hell?

Photography by Christina Kayser Onsgaard via Bo Bedre.

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