A Quick Note on Transparency & Emotions

Transparency. It's a beautiful thing, a representation of your true self. It's a sign of courage, and not being afraid of showing your 'not-so-perfect' self. Sometimes, there is no need for facades. Appearing as if things are always perfect, and only displaying the highlight reels of your life can get a bit exhausting. It is okay to admit that you're not okay. It is okay to admit to people that you're having a shitty day. Don't deny what you are feeling. Transparency builds character, and it allows you to actually feel what you are going through instead of internalizing it.

I am no stranger to being emotional, and depending on the situation, a bit too much. There's this thing I do - where, at times, I can end up becoming too transparent to the wrong people at times, and that's an issue that I'm working on within myself, and I'm aware that it's happening because I regret it almost instantly.

I'm learning to talk less. Sometimes, when someone says something to me that could possibly be triggering, I tend to respond with more verbiage than I need to. Over-explaining myself. It's just something I no longer want to do. It's not necessary. I'm working on learning to say less while still being able to fully convey what I am feeling.

Being transparent and vulnerable is a positive thing because it celebrates self-knowledge and self-awareness. On the flip side, be mindful with whom you allow to see this side of you. Not everyone deserves a seat at that table.

Photo credit: the insanely talented Liam Rimmington.

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