Life Lessons: Let That Shit Go

I have a confession. I am sometimes guilty (who am I kidding? most times) of allowing people and situations to negatively affect my mood and shake up my energy. It's not something I am proud of; however, I have not quite mastered the art of just letting things go. It's really a process for me.
The pure joy you experience from not giving a fuck is a feeling that at times, is hard to achieve. Contrary to popular belief, words do hurt.

In a lot of instances, it's the inevitable daily encounters with shitty people in general that can emotionally take a toll on you. Allowing certain situations to ruin your mood or cause you to step out of your happy place is exhausting. I say "allow" because that's exactly what's happening. You're allowing this to occur. From the co-worker who constantly gets under your skin, to the boyfriend who hurt your feelings, to the rude driver who cut you off on the road, people will test you from every angle. You can't allow anyone to make you feel inferior, defeated, or devalued. Remember, what consumes your mind, ultimately consumes your life.

Protect your peace of mind. Breathe. Seriously, breathe - count to 10, and take deep breaths whenever you feel yourself getting worked up over something that may not even matter in a week. It's just not worth it, because I can pretty much guarantee that the people who are making you feel this way, are either 1) not aware that they're doing it, or 2) aren't losing any sleep over it. Look, some people are just assholes, and unfortunately, we have deal with said assholes - sometimes on a daily basis. Tune in to your inner peace during challenging times, and trust that it will constantly steer you away from discord and unnecessary stress.

Image credit: Huffington Post

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