Ohio, USA

International Rare Grooves

What music have you been listening to these past few months? I've been doing my usual thing of curating playlists for my pleasure (and for anyone else who wants to enjoy them). One of my recent new favorites has been my #StayHome playlist.
I've been digging even further into my Miles Davis and Lee Morgan bag as well. Jazz music has always been the default background vibe for me and my living space; it's perfect on a low volume for when I'm reading or writing. It's part of my signature ambiance, and I'm never fully detached from it. If it isn't jazz, give me a good instrumental (I'm thinking Dilla, Vanilla, and Knxwledge vibes), and I end up in a completely different headspace.

But the true joy that I stumbled upon a few months ago is a youtube account called My Analog Journal. What a breath of fresh air. Zag Erlat was born in Istanbul, Turkey, currently based in London. He has a deep passion for music, always on the hunt for rare, obscure records from around the world. Nothing I love more than a fellow music lover who can teach me a thing or two. His DJ sets are super chill, recorded right in his living room, and because I love seeing people's homes, I really enjoy this aspect of it. Feels more intimate. I can't even remember how I stumbled upon him back in March, but I never subscribed to a channel so fast. He's great.

Are you following me on Spotify? I would recommend it. Some good stuff over there.

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