Curing The Winter Blues

For me, the winter season is all about hibernation and a hiatus from all social activity. My winter routine consists of work, a possible errand or two afterwards - usually the grocery market, and right back to the comfort and warmth of my home. No extracurricular activities, hardly ever. I loathe cold temps, and even though I was born and raised in the Midwest, I will never get used to snow and single-digit weather. But, now that we're approaching that time of the year when the cold season is slowly starting to transition into semi-mild temps, daylight savings time (which begins March 10th), and our beloved Spring season only a few weeks away, my mood is slowly perking up again. I never really believed in seasonal depression, but I think I may have experienced it this year. I am so glad Winter is on its way out.

A friend invited me out for drinks and appetizers after work, and I kindly obliged. It was just what I needed after such a draining week. Also, I tried an Unagi roll for the first time. I didn't hate it.

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