A Quick Note on Not Taking Things So Personally

Not taking things personally is an art that I have yet to master, and I'm quite okay with admitting this. I am easily triggered when I feel I've been ignored, disrespected, or let down. For me, there IS no just brushing it off, or just getting over it. It's a bit more complex. A part of me feels that maybe I expect too much from people, but the other part of me expects said people to at least show common courtesy, which, in my opinion, isn't an unrealistic expectation.
But the reality is, I can't expect everyone to do as I would because the truth is, we are all wired differently, and we don't all react/respond the same way to certain situations. And with knowing this, I can't continue to allow the actions (or lack thereof) of others to constantly affect me. It's a waste of mental and emotional energy.

I am constantly learning about myself and others, and taking mental notes in the process. Life is a never-ending lesson.

Image via the lovely world of Pinterest. Owner unknown.

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