What Inspires You, and What Are You Doing With That Inspiration?

Being inspired by the many facets of life is what makes me feel alive.  That's why I always try to do something everyday that inspires me in some way, shape, or form because it puts me in my happy place. Something or someone in this big ol' world should be mentally stimulating you and motivating you to want to get up off your ass to actually do, discover, or create something that you have a genuine interest in. I think it goes without saying that YOU should always be your biggest inspiration first and foremost, but we all need that outside source. It's what elevates our passions to the next level.

I believe that inspiration is all around us, just wrapped in different packaging. My source of inspiration is found in many places and spaces. I'm truly inspired by aesthetics - beautiful things, beautiful people. The beauty of a simplistically designed website / blog. Music and the arts. The people behind the music. Creatives in general. Photography. Food. Nature. Fashion. Interior design / architecture. Personal style. Individuality. Watching other people thrive through their passions. Also, the desire to become better at self-expression, and the conscious effort to truly hone in on that desire, which is why I created Bisous Elle. I love the process of turning nothing into something - whether it's just a passion project / hobby / something I enjoy doing just for me (once again, this blog), or something that will actually thrive and could possibly become something much bigger. Honestly, I was tired of saying, "I think I want to start blogging again," and decided to actually DO it.

Whenever I find myself being doubtful or complaining out loud about things (example: the direction of this blog, or worse, my suffering wardrobe - ha), I have those people in my life who remind me just how fucking dope I am, and then I'm all like, "Girl, you're SO right. Duh!" Sometimes, we all need a bit of reassurance. One thing's for sure - being consistent when creating something that you enjoy will only make you better at it, and I have to constantly remind myself of this when I feel those bouts of doubt seeping in. I also have to remind myself not to take things so seriously, and to just have fun with it. Passion projects & hobbies should be fun, not stressful and irritating. And if you're one of those people who are having trouble getting started with something that you've been wanting to do, there's no other time like the damn present. Just. do. it. Find out what inspires you, what motivates you, and get it poppin'. Remember, you can't finish if you never start. And don't worry about things being perfect in the beginning. Learning as you go is the fun part. Honestly. Truly. (c) Joanne Prada

Now, go be inspired, and actually DO something with that inspiration. 

Image credit: Boots & Pine 

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