Quick Thoughts on The Pursuit of Happiness

Being in a constant state of happiness can sometimes be a challenge, mainly in those moments when you may feel as though nothing is going right in your life. I am guilty of this. I believe we all are to an extent, although there are people who would love for you to believe they always live by the "glass is half full" state of mind. Some people will only show you the highlight reels of their life. I appreciate vulnerability. I appreciate honesty. I appreciate those real moments. Those "I'm human as fuck" moments. Those relatable moments. Don't get me wrong, we should all strive to live the "glass is always half full" life, and I do believe that we are all on our own personal journey to authentic happiness. Some of us have just taken the scenic route, and that's okay too. Your life, your pace, your way.

Whenever something in the day causes my mood to shift negatively, I always allow myself to simmer in my sadness, but just for a little while. I think it's important to acknowledge what you're feeling in that moment, allow yourself the proper time to feel it, get the hell over it, and move on. 

There are ways to put things into perspective when you aren't feeling your best. First, be grateful for the little things. Do this daily: write down 3-5 things that you're grateful for or brings you a bit of joy. For example, if dancing makes you feel better, turn on your favorite playlist and cut a rug. If cooking eases your mind, get in the kitchen and whip up one of your favorite snacks. Secondly, check yourself when you feel those negative thoughts creeping in your head. Talk out loud to yourself if you need to. But, before you open your mouth to complain, don't. It takes way more energy to be negative than it does to be positive. Focus on what makes you happy, and not the crap that brings you down. 

Life is no Sunday walk in the park. There will always be hurdles, challenges, and forks in the road. Learning how to navigate through it and maintaining your sanity and that bit of optimism in the process makes the journey easier to endure.

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