A Houseplant Refresh


Gearing up for Spring!

Yesterday, I lucked up and found a new plant shop here in the Columbus area (via Google), and couldn't wait to wake up this morning to pay them a visit. Strader's Garden Center is a plant lover's dream! 

By now, we should all know about the amazing benefits of houseplants, and why incorporating them into your living space enriches your mind, body, and spirit. I know that may sound extremely fake deep, but it's true! Staring at my plants in front of the window makes me genuinely happy.

Plants purify the air and allow you to breathe easier, they're aesthetically pleasing, and they bring life to a once dull space. Try to avoid buying faux plants unless you absolutely have to (poor lighting, or rooms with no windows). I do have a few small faux plants in my bathroom, and that is only because my bathroom lacks any form of natural lighting. I'm looking forward to the day when I will have a window in my bathroom. Rain forest vibes forever.




I have never been more excited for Spring to arrive than I am this year. We've been experiencing the cruelest winter ever, and some of my plants have severely suffered because of it - particularly (and surprisingly) my snake plants. It's been a struggle keeping them looking healthy these past few months, and usually, those are the easiest plants to care for. They're so durable and do not require much babysitting, but this winter kicked their ass. I've either thrown a couple of them away, or found myself constantly cutting off dead leaves from the others. 

I told myself that I would not buy any more new plants until Spring had officially sprung, but something nudged at me this weekend to take the plant plunge. New life and new energy was needed in my space, and I no longer wanted to wait until mid March to welcome it. 


Rubber Tree Ficus, or "Ficus Elastica"

Requires bright, indirect sunlight. Soil must stay moist, but not soggy, so a well-draining pot is key. Be sure to wipe the leaves with a damp cloth or paper towel (as well as mist them). Read more about caring for your rubber tree plant here

I purchased a few new plants today. I wanted to experiment with different styles (finally bought a rubber tree plant!) and different variations of previous ones that I once owned, such as the mass cane, aka the "corn plant." I'd never seen a baby mass cane plant until today. It's the cutest thing ever. I had to have it. I owned the floor model on two different occasions, and both times were a fail. It just wouldn't consistently thrive. This plant parent thing is all trial and error, you know? I have not given up on that plant; it's still one of my favorites, and I plan on buying the larger one again one day, but first, I wanted to see if I would be able to keep the smaller one alive (in the black pot pictured below). 

All of the plants purchased today aren't pictured; I also picked up another Pothos plant, which has easily crept to the top of my list of favorite plants, simply because they are super easy to care for, and will survive in low light. I now have a total of three of them.

Other new additions: the Dracaena, and another plant in the same family as the Mass Cane (not pictured above - it's in the bedroom. I also forgot its name. Oops!)

If you're anything like me and love plants, or are interested in becoming a plant parent, I highly recommend this book for a bit of inspiration.