Georgie's Art

Most people may not know this, but back in 2013, I took a few semesters of interior design courses. It was an extremely intense program, and unfortunately, I ended up putting the whole thing on pause because I wanted to focus on other studies. One of the courses that I always wish I would have studied / practiced on my own once I ended the program was my art class. Aside from having the absolute worst professor of all time, it was such an interesting course, and I learned so much. I remember the first time I sketched my first recognizable "thing" (I think it was a woman whose eye I made a tad wonky, not on purpose), I  felt so accomplished. The shit was hard, and the fact that I was able to look at a photo and replicate it by hand was astounding. Don't get me wrong, it was no Picasso, but it was totally pat-on-the-back worthy. 

I came across these stunning illustrations from freelance artist Georgie Ravenscroft, and fell all the way in love. Sometimes, things are just so pretty, you want to share. Check out more of Georgie's illustrations here. I'm almost inspired to dust off my sketchbook and practice. Almost.