I feel that everyone needs some sort of creative outlet, or passion project. This is mine. I share original and curated content of everything from photographs of my home, to my love for plants, to my carefully curated playlists. My hope is that this blog will serve as a source of inspiration for you as well. 

Personal Touches

Personal Touches

Plant: Button Fern (a gift from mom). Coffee table: West Elm. Sofa: Bernhardt. Rug: Amazon (made in Turkey). Pillows: HomeGoods and World Market.

I had every intention on purchasing a vibrant rug after spending hours online this past weekend browsing through all of those lovely pieces on Veronica's site (view previous post) and so, I did. Not just for that reason, but I knew eventually I would want another rug in that space. Seeing all of those beautiful patterns just basically pushed me over the edge. It happens sometimes. 

This colorful beauty arrived today, and I think she might be a keeper. I actually purchased a smaller rug for my bedroom in a different pattern and more of a runner style, but I'm not completely sold on it. I may end up returning it, specifically because I think it would look better in a slightly larger size.

Pictured: My bird of paradise plant. I'm told that the leaves do split over time. Other than that, she's still hanging in there. 

I rummaged through my front closet to find the one solid colored turquoise pillow I own, and decided to throw it on my sofa since the new rug has the same shade of blue. It's nice to be able to shop from your own little stash. I think this rug gives my living room a completely fresh look and feel, and adds that extra layer of cozy! 

While I'm on the subject of rugs (still, I know), I found yet another seller with some amazing rugs, and the prices really aren't that bad. Check them out, and fall in love! 

Update: I moved the smaller rug into the kitchen, and I think we're on to something. I might just hold on to it after all.

New Month, New Beginnings + Three Things

New Month, New Beginnings + Three Things

The Edit Featuring Zoë  Kravitz

The Edit Featuring Zoë Kravitz