A Beautiful One-Bedroom Loft That You Need To See

Have you ever laid your eyes something so breathtaking that you were just completely floored because it was just too beautiful to be real? I mean, anything - a person, a place, a thing. That's what seeing a beautifully decorated home does for me. Specifically speaking, filmmaker Hilton Carter's Baltimore home. When I first saw these stunning photos of his and girlfriend Fiona's one-bedroom loft, I stopped breathing for about four long seconds. Holy shit. One more time for the people in the back - HOLY SHIT. 

Greenery in every nook and cranny of their living space (a plant overdose - about 120 of them to be exact!), enough natural light to sink a battleship, texture, drama, stunning wood floors, oh my. Every inch of this home is inspiring on so many levels. I couldn't imagine needing to go anywhere other than work with a living space like this. If you needed me, you would know exactly where to find me. 

Check out more photos via West Elm's blog.

Hilton Carter's Instagram. Trust me, you'll want to see even more.