All About Rachel Nguyen + An Unconventional Apartment Tour

Rachel Nguyen bumped her way to the very top of my favorites list sometime this year when I was randomly browsing YouTube searching for new content to subscribe to. She's a Los Angeles-based content creator, social media influencer, and freelance artist. When she's not working, you can find probably find her frolicking through the neighborhoods of LA and other beautiful places around the world, while taking her viewers along with her. She documents most of her adventures through her YouTube vlogs. Her content provides with you a true sense of who she really is. It is raw, real, delicate, damn near therapeutic because of how relaxing it is to watch, and accompanied by the absolute perfect songs to match the vibe of the video. She's really a natural at being herself, and that's what I love most about her content. It's just really effortless. She's probably the coolest chic I've never met.

You know those bloggers who focus solely on making everything appear super polished, pristine, and so perfect that it's almost difficult to relate? Rachel's not about that life.

Even her laid-back approach to an apartment tour is not presented in the traditional format that we're used to seeing. It's probably one of my favorite videos on youtube. And even though I love those apartment tours that are wrapped in a beautiful red bow, the rawness of hers is makes me wish more people adopted this style.

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Photo credit: That's Chic