Georgie's Art

Most people may not know this, but I took interior design courses for a year back in 2013. It was an extremely intense program, and unfortunately, I ended up putting the whole thing on pause because I wanted to focus on other studies.

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Five Things

Happy September! I am so amazed at how quickly this year has passed. We're well on our way into the final quarter of the year, and I am not ready, particularly because I just do not want summer to end (and neither do my plants).

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For The Quintessential Music Lover.

I grew up in a very musically inclined household. My mother and aunt sang in the choir and played the organ (my mother has a Hammond organ in her living room to this day), my brother is a musician, and my sister listened to literally every genre of music

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Skincare: A Love Affair

I had really nice skin as a teenager. I recently came across a photo from my senior year of high school and thought, "wow, your skin was really poppin'. Your eyebrows weren't too shabby either!" Boy, the things we take for granted. 

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