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Sunday's Current Listen: Somi's Petite Afrique

One of my favorite things to do is give my Amazon wishlist a refresh, whether it means updating it with new items, or removing items that no longer excite me.  I created this list many moons ago, so naturally, there are things on it that I no longer feel the need to own, so constantly editing it to reflect my current needs/wants is always a necessary task. Ever since I purchased an actual bookshelf last year, I've really been stepping my book game up. I've always loved coffee table books because they serve as conversation pieces; I'm forever in awe all of the beautiful imagery inside. But, I also love books that tell a story (I love biographies and memoirs!) and books related to personal development, or that simply reflect where I currently am in my own personal journey. My latest wishlist additions include Alone Time, which is about the pleasures of traveling solo, The Body Keeps The Score - dealing with trauma and how sufferers from trauma can work towards reclaiming their lives, and In Paris - the city through the eyes of some inspiring real-life Parisian women. 
Not book-related, but just as important - the one thing I must have an abundance of is camera film, which is also top priority on my wishlist. I sent off my very first roll of film the other day. I don't want to have high hopes about the results since this was my first time shooting analog with a vintage camera, but I'm remaining optimistic. I'm calling this first roll my "practice" roll, as to soften the blow if they end up turning out really bad. Understanding ISO, shutter speeds, and aperture is still a work in progress. 
Speaking of Parisian women, can we just take a quick moment to admire Jeanne Damas's lovely living space? There's something so special about a Parisian apartment. I've also noticed a pattern about the living spaces of french women; they love flowers! You will probably never see a photo of a french woman's apartment decor where flowers aren't incorporated. Simply beautiful.

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