Columbus, OH, USA

Test Shots on 35mm Film

I received my very first roll of film back from the lab (The Darkroom), and even though most of them didn't come out so great, I didn't beat myself up about it because I know that these first few rolls are all about practicing, and becoming comfortable with shooting analog. There is no theme to any of the photos posted; these are just the ones that I liked the most! Even with the imperfections with the weird lighting on a couple of them, there's something really cool about them. One major mistake I made while rewinding the film was opening the back of the camera before the rewinding was complete. Once light is exposed to the film, the exposed part of the film is basically ruined. But, if you close the camera fast enough, you might end up with some surprisingly cool shots (or not). That's the beauty of film. You never know what you're going to get. 
The good news is that now, I can officially confirm that this camera, which I purchased on eBay, is in pretty good condition. Discovering a new hobby is super exciting. That feeling of sending off my first roll in the mail, it being received by the lab, constantly checking the status of my order like a crazy person, finally getting the e-mail that the film is in production, then the final e-mail that "your photos are ready for download"  - what a rush. Looking forward to working on a new roll.   

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