Spicy Sausage & Lentil Soup

Do you still update your Pinterest account? I do. I especially love searching for recipes because sometimes, eating at home can be a bit of a bore, especially when you are as finicky of an eater as I am. I recently discovered this lentil soup recipe while searching for something "different" to cook. I tend to stick to the same meals, just in different variations, but I don't normally buy lentils, so I wanted to find a quick, flavorful recipe that included them, to experiment with.
I've already prepared this soup on four different occasions, and let me just say that it is absolutely yummy. I did a bit of tweaking to the original recipe, but not too much. I did not use ham, as her recipe suggested. I used smoked sausage because I am obsessed with its flavor, in addition to spicy Italian sausage.

This bowl of goodness is the perfect winter recipe, especially today; it started snowing this morning, and has yet to stop. This soup will surely serve as a warm hug for the remainder of the weekend.

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