Everybody Loves Sade

Sade Adu's been on my mind lately. I often wonder what my favorite artists are up to - you know, the ones who aren't highly visible in the age of social media. Honestly, I'm thankful for her reclusiveness, although she was once quoted as saying, "I'm not shy or reclusive. I just spend my time with people rather than journalists." 
Sade is one of the most significant names in music, and one of the biggest entertainers on the planet, yet, we hardly know anything about her. I find that really admirable, and quite impressive. I feel as though all artists should possess some level of mystery. Sure, there are only a handful of artists who are truly able to pull this off and still be wildly successful, but when you deliver nothing but quality content to last for decades as Sade consistently has, you can do what the hell you want. She navigates her career with intention and purpose, and is revered now more than she's ever been, thanks to a whole new generation of fans. I don't recall her ever being in the news for any scandal; she just dips in every few years and blesses the world with timeless art, and I think that's why everyone is so fascinated by her. Can you believe her last album, Soldier of Love, was eight years ago? And before that, there was the magnum opus, Lovers Rock, which was released in 2000. Over the span of 26 years, she's only released three studio albums. THREE. Sade, it's time. We miss you.
"I only make records when I feel I have something to say. I'm not interested in releasing music just for the sake of selling something. Sade is not a brand."
"You can only grow as an artist as long as you allow yourself to grow as a person. We're all parents, our lives have all moved on. I couldn't have made Soldier of Love any time before now, and though it's been a long wait for the fans - and I'm sorry about that - I'm incredibly proud of it."
I cope with her extended absence from the music business by listening to her discography. As every living, breathing being patiently waits for another album announcement from our beloved Helen, check out some of my favorites from her catalog to hold you over, because I know you're waiting too.

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