Heavy Rotation

When it comes to the discussion of music and how much it nourishes my soul, I never know where to begin. It's literally a subject I could yap about for hours.
These are the music projects that I currently have in heavy rotation. So, so good - with a highlight on J.I.D.'s album. Talk about a flawless body of work. I've already played this album more than I can count, and I just discovered it this week. His song Never was featured in last season's Insecure series, and I never bothered to do more research on him at the time. I've been missing out!
I've also been curating my butt off, as usual, over on my Spotify account. Kick Back and Shoulder Kisses are the perfect playlists for a chill, laid back, intimate house gathering. Hope you enjoy them.
Photo source: Charlotte Dos Santos (photo by Moe Chakiri) | J.I.D. | Yazmin Lacey | Chantae Cann | The Internet | Allie

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