A Plated Experience

This post should have been written back in May since that is when I was first blessed enough to experience the whole 'meal kit delivery service' wave that's super popular and convenient right now. I'd been wanting to try one of these services for a while, and was super excited when a friend of mine (Hi, Teana!) signed me up to receive one of her free boxes from Plated.
Because I'm always (and I do mean always) so indecisive about what to cook, I never grocery shop in bulk. I'm that weird single gal who will make three trips a week to the grocery store, simply because what I eat is solely based upon what mood I'm in that day.
I'm also not the most adventurous person in the kitchen, although lately, I've been working on that. But normally, I usually always purchase the same ingredients when I make grocery store runs. With a meal delivery service, you're forced to step outside of your comfort zone and eat ingredients that perhaps you would never bother to pick up from the market otherwise, and for that reason alone, cooking this box of deliciousness was such a fun experience for me.
I selected Plated's serving plan for two because I wanted to make sure I had just enough leftovers for the next day. They have such a wide variety of meals to choose from, but I went with their seared steak with bell pepper panzanella (What? What is this?), the Vietnamese caramel chicken with roasted Chinese broccoli and basmati rice, and the green chile chicken tacos with Mexican street corn. All three meals were out-of-this-world DELICIOUS. I am not even gassing you, okay? I don't know if it was because all of the produce were fresh and seasonal, or if the poultry that Plated uses is raised antibiotic-free, but you could literally taste the difference. And like I mentioned before, I'm not the most adventurous when it comes to trying new cooking ingredients/products, so some of these items I'd never cooked with before - like capers, or Chinese broccoli, or poblano chiles. I've really been sleeping on capers. They're so delicious! My favorite meal out of the three was definitely the pan seared steak. I stuffed my face until I was physically unable to eat another bite, and felt not an ounce of guilt. It was also the first time that I cooked a steak that wasn't well done, which is normally how I like them prepared. I didn't hate it. A medium-well prepared steak just might be my new groove.
Another great thing about these meal kits is that you'll always have the recipes on hand to re-create them whenever you'd like! You can create your own little album and add all of your recipe cards to it.
My Plated experience was one for the books. It eliminated the annoyance of figuring out what I was going to eat that day, or whether or not the food was even going to turn out amazing. I was confident that it would, and it did.

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