New Playlists: Spring Summer Feeling & Soulbeats

Out of all the playlists that I curate, my favorites to make are those that set a relaxing, low maintenance mood. The ones that you can play at home with low lighting and a glass of wine. Whether it's soulful hip hop instrumentals or millennial r&b (what I like to refer to it as - you know that kind I'm talking about), these particular kinds of playlists are the perfect recipe for unwinding, and chilling the fuck out.

I began working on a playlist titled Soulbeats some months ago, but didn't want to rush the process because I wanted to make sure the vibe matched the vision. One day recently, a domino effect of epic proportions occurred, and I stumbled upon all of these amazing instrumentals that 1) I had never heard before, 2) hadn't heard in a really long time, or 3) didn't know were even on Spotify. Needless to say, the playlist is complete enough to share, and I absolutely love it. If you love hip hop instrumental beats, you'll probably enjoy this one. Click here to listen.

In addition, Spring Summer Feeling is an easy, breezy collection of chill r&b that I've been digging lately. Light your incense, candles, and other accoutrement, and press play. I've been enjoying this one a lot lately myself.

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