Five Things

1. I can't seem to get this Marmont Matelassé Leather Belt Bag by Gucci out of my head. Ever since Tracee Ellis Ross was spotted sporting one, I started envisioning the many ways I could style this timeless piece myself. Oh how I want it. While we're on the subject of Gucci, I am so in love with these photos from their Pre-Fall '17 campaign. When I initially saw them a couple months back, I grinned from ear to ear. Black people are so fly.
Gucci is my all-time favorite high-end label. I remember being 14 years old and working as a receptionist at a hair salon; the owner paid me $20 a week (sometimes more, depending on how well business was that day) to answer the phones and schedule appointments. I wanted a pair of Gucci sneakers so badly that I saved up for them, and was so excited when I was able to walk into the Gucci store at Somerset Mall to purchase my first official pair of "big girl" shoes. Shortly after, I would save up to purchase the matching bag. I wish I had the same level of discipline now that I did back when I was a kid when it came to saving up for what I really wanted. Saving money as an adult is one hell of a challenge. But, I digress.
2. Speaking of expensive things, I've decided to sell my beloved pair of Jimmy Choos. I've been battling back and forth with myself about whether I really wanted to let these beautiful babies go, but the bottom line is they're just not practical (or comfortable), with the latter being the primary reason. They're just sitting in my closet collecting dust. Such a beautiful shoe, and I constantly beat myself up about not initially ordering a whole size up. 'Pain is beauty' my ass. If you're in the market for a pair of Red patent leather Anouk Jimmy Choo stilettos, here's the eBay listing.
3. If you haven't noticed, I've added two new sections to my blog - the 'At Home' tab, which is all about my apartment and decor style, and the 'Blogs I Love' tab. This is more for my personal reference and easy access, but I love to share all of my favorite things here, so blogs aren't off limits.
4. I've been on a book-buying spree lately. I really need to put myself on book punishment. One day, I'll share all of my newest ones. I also took a trip to Ikea a couple weeks ago and bought a new bookcase. I assembled it myself (what a headache), and as of today, it's still standing upright. However, I've been watching it like a hawk. I'm always super paranoid whenever I assemble furniture myself because my fear is always that it could collapse at any given moment.
5. I've really been enjoying Lizzy Hadfield's youtube channel these days, and just her overall work ethic. Such great content, and such consistency across all of her platforms. That is so important when trying to grow an online audience. She produces thoughtful, quality content, and her vlogs are so relaxing to watch. And, she has the most adorable London apartment.

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