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Five Things: Fall Edition

If you're anything like me, you dread the transition from Summer to Fall. I crave warm nights with the windows open, and dressing in as little clothing as possible, so I'm never really excited to give that up. But alas, here we are. Hello, Autumn.
Since Fall is officially upon us, what better way to embrace it than by making sure we have all the essentials - those cozy elements that make Fall a bit more tolerable.

Photo credit: PF Candle Company

1. Candles. I talked about these lovely candles from PF Candle Co. a few blog posts back, and I'm still very much swooning over them. Candles bring such a high level of coziness and ambiance to a space, so be sure to stock up on your favorite scents this season! Looking forward to doing the same.

2. Red wine. Red wine is the ultimate Fall beverage. You aren't truly celebrating the season (that you all seem to love soooo much) if you aren't indulging in some sort of red - Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, take your pick. The bulk of my red wine consumption usually occurs during the cold months. It's like a hug in liquid form. So appropriate.  Paste Magazine ran down 50 light red wines that are great for Fall, and they're all under $25. I need to write some of these down for myself. PS. Ignore the Zinfandel recommendation. That's just gross.

3. Books. I've been purchasing books like crazy these past few months, but can't seem to sit still long enough to finish one. But the beauty of owning books is that you can read them at your leisure. You can even read multiple books at once. I tell myself this so I can feel better about doing this at times. Fall is the season of "slowing down." Less parties, less running the streets, and more staying indoors. It's that perfect opportunity to catch up on all the books you've purchased, but haven't had a chance to really enjoy them. I plan to finish a book that I started back in May (don't you dare judge), and I'm really looking forward to reading a memoir that I picked up a few weeks ago by Jessica B. Harris.

I'll admit, I knew very little about Jessica B. Harris before my eyes randomly zoomed in on her book cover on a recent trip to Barnes & Noble. I picked it up, read the back cover, and immediately tucked it under my arm and made my way towards the checkout counter. I was instantly intrigued. I had to have it. My Soul Looks Back is about Jessica's life growing up in the 70s in New York. She's a culinary expert and writer, and ran in the same circles as James Baldwin, Maya Angelou, and Toni Morrison. No big deal. Just a few legends. I'm so excited to read this. Check out some excerpts from her book over at The Cut.
4. Throw Blankets. I'm loving these gorgeous metallic knit throws from West Elm. Of course you don't need to spend $80 on a comfy, cozy throw to snuggle up in, but if you must, I vote these.

Photo credit: THR

5. The final season of Scandal. The final season. Yeah, I'm sad too. But, the awesome thing is Scandal is going out on top. Shonda Rhimes is a genius, so I won't question her actions, but I'm sure going to miss this crazy, emotional rollercoaster of a show. Listen, just make sure you have your Scandal survival kit handy because you're gonna need it. It's going to be a bumpy ride. We've discussed the red wine already, but you've gotta make sure you have popcorn (my vote is this kind from Trader Joe's), and you can't drink your wine from just any glass. You need THE Olivia Pope wine glass (yes, the exact one she has on the show) - the Camille wine glass from Crate & Barrel. It's only right. Treat yourself.

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