Cultivating Habits: More Focus on the Details

Photo: Mejuri

I seem to have misplaced pieces of my mojo. I'm not sure when it happened. Perhaps it's because I don't really enjoy nights out on the town as frequently as I once did, or maybe I'm just content with being a homebody and doing exactly what it is I want to do in my spare time, no matter how mundane or routine it is. I'm not sure. But whatever it is, the details stopped being as important. Getting dolled up "just because," or going that extra mile to feel sexy even when no one's watching. I miss giving that part of my aesthetic my undivided attention. I'd like to spice it back up. "Mojos" are a must, no matter what age (or stage of life) you're in. I need to get back to focusing on the details. Literally.
I can recall a time in my 20s and 30s when I loved to wear accessories - jewelry of all kinds. I owned an assortment of bracelets in different colors and styles, and I even made sure that my nails and toes were always painted without it feeling like a chore. Incorporating those small elements into my style made such a difference in my overall attitude. The saying is true - when you look good, you feel even better (usually). And although wearing different colored bracelets for everyday of the week is no longer my current aesthetic, I can still be the 40-year old version of that girl. When it comes to the evolution of my style, I lean towards a more classic look, but these days, I don't take time to appreciate the details anymore, the accessories that can truly bring a look alive.
Sure, I still paint my toes - when I feel like it, or when I need to. The thing is, I always want to feel like it.
And when it comes to jewelry, the most I'm throwing on these days are a simple pair of studs and a watch. Well, my mojo is about to receive an upgrade because yesterday, Hey Claire's Edged collaboration with Mejuri was released, and she created some amazing pieces that compliment my simple, classic style. I decided on a whim, to order the necklace from the collection because I loved how dainty and feminine it was. It can be worn with anything, and it's the perfect length. I haven't purchased a necklace for myself in years, so I'm really excited to get my hands on this lovely piece.
So, the goal here? Cultivate the habit of focusing more on the details, those elements that make you feel feminine and beautiful - from the perfect lace bra, to the perfect signature lipstick, to a dainty neck chain, to that classic gold ring, and that perfect bottle of nude polish. It's all in the details.

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