Ohio, USA

Matt Bellassai's Revamped NYC Apartment

Matt Bellassai easily became a Tumblr favorite of mine when he would post these mini-episodes called Whine About It in which he ranted about everything that annoyed his spirit - with spirits. Red wine, specifically. Matt, you seem like a really good time, and I'd love to down a couple bottles of Merlot with you. Let's make it happen.
Click here to listen to Matt "wine" about humans and other things.
But enough of that. I was sooo thrilled to see these photos of his NYC apartment because it features so many mid century modern elements; that, and knowing that Home Polish had a hand in styling the high rise apartment makes all the sense in the world. So cozy, and so stylish.  And can we please discuss the floor-to-ceiling windows? A dream, to be honest.
You HAVE to see his full apartment tour, so head on over to Home Polish, check it out, and have a toast of your favorite red wine in his honor.
Photos via People by Julia Robbs for Home Polish

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