Ohio, USA

Five Things

Happy September! I am so amazed by how quickly this year has passed. We're well on our way into the final quarter of 2017, and I am simply not ready, particularly because I do not want summer to end (and neither do my plants). I captured this shot of one of my white bird of paradise plants earlier today, and it makes me so happy to see how beautifully she's maintaining. I never thought that something as simple as buying plants for my home would change the way I felt when I am surrounded by them.

1. I purchased a new lamp for the front room. I'm sure, just like with anything in this apartment of mine, that it will get moved around often, but for now, I really love it next to the sofa. The style of this lamp is very sleek, clean, and minimalistic, and I love the brassy gold color.

2. This apartment tour of Candace and Jason's is simply stunning. So many beautiful elements! Also, you've gotta check out Kenyatta's Chicago pad. The kitchen, the artwork, the mid century modern vibe. Obsessed.
3. I took a trip to Madewell this past weekend, a store that I don't frequent enough, but let me just say that if I had to choose a brand that I would want to mirror my entire aesthetic, it would be them. I am in love every single item that they carry, in love with every detail, down to the furniture selected for the space. Anyway, I treated myself to a new purse because it was long overdue. The quality of their bags is amazing. I also snatched up this Amber & Moss candle from PF Candle Co, a line I didn't even know they carried. I have a thing for these amber glass jars, but most importantly, the candle smells great.

4. I have a part-time gig again. Part of me is looking forward to starting and learning more about the products (and receiving that employee discount, hello?), but the other part is really going to miss having my evenings and weekends to myself, and not be interrupted with work. Here's to it all going well, and here's to maintaining my sanity in the process.

5. I bought another plant, but what's new? Seriously though, this was the most totally random plant purchase ever because it took place at my place of employment. They were having a fundraiser of sorts, and there were numerous vendors on site selling all types of cool products, but my eyes zoomed straight towards the plant stand. I'd always wanted one of these hanging plants, but never saw one this small. It was the perfect size. Plus, I don't have one of this kind. It's called a banana hanging plant, or "string of bananas" plant. Such a gorgeous plant to add to your collection.

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