Palo Santo: Featuring India Shawn, Jared Brady, Tyler The Creator, &More

India Shawn. Image via Yours Truly

Whenever I begin to create a new playlist, I ask myself, "Will I be able to find any more music to even add to a playlist? I've curated hundreds of playlists. It seems I've discovered all the dope music there is to find, right?!" But then I realize that there is never a shortage of quality music out there. The search for dope music is never-ending. There is always an artist out there whose art I've yet to experience, and it's my duty as a music enthusiast to share those discoveries because I want everyone to enjoy quality music, and not just what is fed to them via the radio because who in the hell even listens to the radio to discover music these days?
I started working on this playlist in June, and I am loving what it has developed into. It's a serious ambiance enhancer. Really feeling this one. Vibe to tracks from Tyler the Creator's latest project, along with SZA, India Shawn, Sabrina Claudio, James Tillman, and more, including someone whom I feel everyone needs to watch out for - Jared Brady. He's a very dope artist, and I've enjoyed all of the tracks I've heard from him so far. You can check out his Soundcloud here.
As always, my playlists live on Spotify, so click here to listen. Light up. Pour up. Enjoy.

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