New Month, New Beginnings + Three Things

I find the beginning of a new month to be invigorating (well, except that brief moment when it's time to give the rent money to your leasing office. Ugh). With the exception of that, it's the start of a whole new set of goals (or the continuation of current ones but with a clear headspace), a clean slate, and another chance to get it right. Here are three quick tips to start your month off on the right foot.
1. Give thanks. Sounds cliche, sure. But, giving thanks for the little things that we take for granted everyday makes a world of difference. Take a second and think about what life would be like if you didn't have access to the most basic necessities. Life would literally be a shit show. Be thankful for everything that allows you to live a comfortable life.
2. Create a to-do of all the things you may want to accomplish in that month; however, don't stress too much over this list. It's just a list, and nothing is carved in stone. Sometimes, we put too much pressure on ourselves to get shit done within a certain timeframe. Sometimes, life has other plans. But, it's a great idea to have some things to look forward to or work towards. Don't dwell on the previous month or get too anxious about the months ahead; focus on the here and now, and remain there. Enjoy it, and focus on what you need to tackle in the present moment.
3. Read. Even if it's only a chapter a day, read a book that you've been putting off. Reading is beneficial, and if you weren't aware of its benefits, lean in a little closer. It's the perfect form of mental stimulation, and keeps your brain active! Reading also helps with stress. It distracts you from your own problems if only for a moment in time, and redirects your energry elsewhere, and depending on what you're reading, can assist in some serious healing.
Happy July!

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