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The Gift of Wine

I received an email notification from this past Thursday stating that I would be receiving a package on Saturday. Naturally, I was excited because wine, but also because it's really nice when I receive unexpected gifts. It was a condolence gift, but a gift nonetheless. FedEx did their best impersonation of the police as they bang on my front door at the crack of dawn Saturday morning. Stumbling to the front room with one eye open, still half asleep, I signed for my package as the FedEx driver slid the box across my living room floor.
It was from Teana, my dear friend from San Fransisco. It warmed my heart that she thought to buy wine of all condolence gifts. She knows how near and dear wine is to me. If I'm forced to deal with the death of my stepfather, there's no better way to do it than with some quality wine from Napa Valley.
Speaking of wine, check out all of these cool benefits of wine consumption, along with some pretty cool recipes. Now, I'm not saying go out and get wine drunk, but don't feel guilty if you're like me and like to enjoy a glass of wine to wind down (or turn up).

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