For The Love of Textiles

Lately, I've been kind of obsessing over textiles, specifically "Persian style" rugs, those with lots of deep, bold, rich colors and patterns. As someone who loves interior decor and enjoys creating a particular aesthetic, mood, and ambiance for my living space, I know the importance (and magic) of a rug, and how drastically it can transform the appearance of any room.
I stumbled upon an absolutely lovely online textile store - Semikah Textiles - and although I'm not rich enough to own even an inch of what she's selling right now, I felt it in my spirit to share these amazing pieces with you guys anyway. Perhaps you're rolling in the dough and have $2,000 to drop down on a Moroccan rug. Perhaps. Plus, the owner, Veronica Hamlet, is from my hometown of Michigan. That alone is worth the share. Veronica is also a Senior Virtual Designer for one of my favorite blogs, Home Polish.
I've literally died and gone to rug heaven. It really doesn't get any more gorgeous than this. If you want to see more, follow Veronica on Instagram, and check out her website for more inspiration.
Looking for some cheaper alternatives? Of course you are! Check this distressed abstract vintage oriental rug from Overstock, or this blue multi-colored number from Amazon. You don't have to break the bank to own a nice rug, but boy is it fun drooling over the pricy ones when you can't necessarily afford them yet.
Photos via Semikah Textiles

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