Five Things

It's been a minute. I didn't mean to stay away so long, but unfortunately, May has been such a trying month, and that's putting it lightly. From health issues and doctor's visits to dealing with the somewhat unexpected death of my stepfather, I just haven't been my complete self. I've never lost an immediate family member before, so this was a different kind of sadness that I was/am experiencing. I spent the past two weeks in my hometown of Michigan with family and loved ones, and although the visit was for a somber occasion, it was so, so nice to spend that quality time with my mom and siblings. I miss them already.
Value your life and the lives of others. Our time on this earth is short, so enjoy yourself, and do whatever it is that brings you happiness and peace.
1. I bought a new coffee table (how's that for doing what makes you happy), and dammit, I'm so stoked about it. It was bittersweet having to move my acrylic table to the side for this darling little mango wooden coffee table from West Elm, but it had to be done. You know when it's just time for something new, a new feel? I still adore the acrylic look; I do, but my style has and will always be transitional and ever-changing. I have so many different styles and moods, and sometimes, I need to feed them all. This table is the perfect height and size. Very low to the ground, which is great for me because I love sitting on the floor.
2. I love Gemary's bedroom. I'm obsessed with watching apartment tours and lifestyle videos on Youtube. I even have a playlist.
3. I finally purchased my dream plant - a Bird of Paradise -  all while praying it thrives in my living space. You really have to know your home in order to determine which plants will do well in it. I'm hard-headed and never consider those things if there's a plant that I really want. I've had it for a few days, and have been watching it like a hawk.  I even rearranged my entire living room just so it could be comfortable. These plants have the ability to grow up to 7 ft. tall. I don't think I've successfully witnessed any of my plants grow significantly. Maybe this can be the first (if I don't unintentionally murder it).
4. Speaking of plants, my mother gave me the most adorable little button fern (it's the small one sitting on my table in the photo above). This plant loves water and is very needy. This is probably the first plant I've owned that requires so much attention. I love her already though. Read more about button ferns over at The Gardenista.
5. I love a good podcast, one that's relatable, engaging, and downright entertaining. I've really been enjoying the Gettin' Grown Podcast hosted by Jade & Keia. It focuses on topics that the everyday woman of color can relate to, with a whole lot of funny in the mix. There is a new episode every Tuesday, so if you're searching for a new podcast to listen to while you're working or just relaxing at home, these are your girls.

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