Spring Cleaning: Letting Go

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We are about a month into the Spring season, and with the changing of seasons comes the desire to make small changes around the home. Lately, I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed with the material items in my apartment. I go through these stages often; I find myself wanting to sell things or give items away in order to create more "breathing room"  in my living space, so to speak. When I first moved into this apartment, I was so excited to decorate.  I knew it would be a challenge since my previous space was a lot larger, but the excitement was still there - it was brand new, never lived in, and a blank canvas for me to get super creative.
Sometimes, I get so excited about owning a decor item or a piece of furniture, that I forget about my lack of living space, but honestly, it never stops me from purchasing said item. I always figure out a way to incorporate a new piece into my aesthetic. I'm also an impulse buyer, which makes matter even worse. Working on that. Truly, I am.
Over the past couple of weeks, I've been re-evaluating my space and the things in it - figuring out which items serve a purpose, and which ones do not, which items I love and refuse to give away vs. the ones that simply no longer match my current aesthetic, and my needs vs. wants. Speaking of pieces that no longer match my current aesthetic: an excessive amount of mirrored furniture. I'm so over it. So much so, that I've already sold a few mirrored pieces, and working on selling more.
I want my space to feel lighter. Clutter, even the good and organized clutter (because sometimes I truly do love good clutter), triggers stress, as least for me it does. I hate a messy house, a messy car, and a messy mind, which is why I instantly feel better when I get rid of a piece of furniture, run my car through the wash, or decide for the moment not to stress over the little things. Seriously, it makes a world of difference.
Even as I type this, I am watching the sofa cleaning man person (I think I'll start referring to them by this name from now on) give my sofa its first deep cleaning, and it's making me feel all giddy inside. I've had this sofa for a year and a half, and this is my first time having it professionally cleaned. I plan on having it cleaned twice a year going forward.

Seasonal cleaning lifts my mood & spirit because it gives me that feeling of a fresh start - the beginning of something new, a hard reset. It also increases my energy levels because cleaning your home from the rooter to the tooter definitely qualifies as a workout! It just feels good overall. I'm still in the process of spring cleaning, but so far, it's been such a relief ridding myself of things I simply don't want or need anymore.
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