Save The Date: April 5th is International Calm Day

As you may or may not know (I surely didn't), April 5th is International Calm Day. I always stress the importance of self-care, and preserving your peace and sanity in a world full of obligations, distractions, and challenges. I'm still managing to take time out of  my day to practice mindfulness and meditation, and although I'm not as consistent with my meditation as I would like, I appreciate its benefits when I do practice it. I've noticed that I sleep much better when I meditate right before bed; however, my hopes are to not just meditate when I am on the way to sleep, but to possibly take 10-15 minutes of time after a long day of work, to just be still and clear my mind.
In celebration of International Calm Day, the lovely people over at Calm will be allowing us the opportunity to enjoy ALL of their premium content for a full 24 hours, for free. Calm is an app that I spoke about on here before, and I really recommend downloading it. It offers breathing exercises, meditation sessions, sleep stories, and more. I actually own their book as well. I've always wanted to know what was behind those locked pages on their app (because I believe that's where all the good stuff lives), and now I finally get to find out. Mark your calendars, and be sure to download the app.

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