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Happy April! Here's hoping you are having a relaxing yet fulfilling weekend! I've been truly enjoying my Saturday. The weekends are a blessing for us 9-5'ers. Yes, we still exist. Shocking, I know.
Listen, I can't treat everyday like it's the weekend because 1) I'm old and washed up and 2) because I need that down time to do absolutely nothing. So, weekends are a treat that I always look forward to, and never take for granted.
As you know, I'm an extreme fan of music, so much so that when the birthdays of my favorite artists (living or dead) roll around, I celebrate them in my own special way. This includes playing their discographies for hours, and watching documentaries and interviews about them for a large portion of the day. It's my own little version of paying homage to the greats. Speaking of, today is important for two reasons; Gil Scott-Heron's day of birth, and sadly,  the 33rd anniversary of the day Marvin Gaye was killed. I'm a huge lover of both artists, so I've literally been immersed in their art since this morning.
But enough of my rambling.
I've been stomping around the streets of the internet as usual, seeking out inspiration and other cool things, and decided to share some of my finds.

1. Life Made Simple's Natalie posted a recipe on her blog last month of an italian sausage/tortellini/spinach soup situation, and as I was brainstorming ideas of what to cook today, Pinterest led  me to her site. I cooked this a couple hours ago, and it came out delicious! I just helped myself to a second bowl. Here's the recipe if you're interested.

2. Stephanie and Ryan's 900 square ft. apartment in Chicago's Wicker Park. Such a lovely home. I am really loving the idea of not owning so much shit. It's a battle I constantly face though, because on one hand, having a lot of shit as part of your decor can be pretty amazing, BUT only when done right. There's good clutter, and then there's just a junky apartment. No one wants junky. It's hard being someone who loves so many different styles of decor because I usually find myself trying to incorporate them all into my tiny 746 square ft. apartment. Talk about a challenge. I love minimal. But I also love eclectic. The struggle is real. For the record, I don't really have a ton of crap, but I have managed to decorate every inch of this place, which gives the illusion that shit is just bubbling over all up and through.

Image via Apartment Therapy

3. In Nana's Getting Dressed video that I posted a few days ago, there was this song that was playing as she relaxed on her sofa, and I was really feeling it. So of course, I found out who it was. This type of music is what I refer to as Sunday morning music or gloomy day music. The song was called Non-Stop to Brazil by Brazilian jazz/bossa nova singer Astrud Gilberto. I had never heard of her before, and since I liked the song I heard, I really wanted to hear more. Now I'm suddenly getting that itch to create a Brazilian jazz playlist. I could listen to this stuff for hours. Check out her music here.

Astrud Gilberto

4. On Grace Bonney's blog, the wildly popular Design Sponge, Kelli Kehler writes about 10 trusted decorating tips from Prop Stylist Hilary Walker that we can all use in our own homes. Check it out!  Hilary has an awesome blog and a podcast as well. Being that interior design really nurtures my soul, I love that I stumbled across Hilary's blog. Speaking of podcasts, I've really taken a liking to just listening to peoples' conversations through my phone or computer by way of this current podcast wave. This whole love of the podcast isn't new for me as I've been listening to The Read faithfully for almost five years now. But now that I've accepted just how much I love listening to them, I'm beginning to seek out more to listen to. It's really nice to have something else to take in besides music or the TV. And a podcast about design and style? Totally here for it.
Image via Hilary Walker's blog, Our Style Stories

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