Five Things

1. Lately, I've been turning to Instagram to satisfy my plant obsession and inspiration, and have been discovering some accounts with drool-worthy content.

Tribe and Us's endless feed of gorgeous plants will have you literally scrolling while simultaneously ooh'ing and aah'ing from all the greenery.  Kate writes, "I love collecting and caring for plants and it's brought me an inner peace in a house of crazy. I love my three kids and I wouldn't change a thing, but it kinda changed my life journey and I had to shift the tracks slightly. One of the things was being home a lot more, and plants have made that far more enjoyable."

2. Interior Designer's Evane Haziza's home via Atelier Doré, formerly known as Garance Doré.

Charlotte Dos Santos in her Crown Heights apartment - photo via Urban Outfitters

3. Singer Charlotte Dos Santos chats with Urban Outfitters about her music and influences.
4. Are you one of those people who avoids buying plants because you're scared you'll kill them? Well, fear no more. There ARE plants that are so low maintenance, even a child could care for them (I'm just assuming here). Seriously, if you're considering becoming a plant owner but are a tad reluctant, consider these plants for your first purchase.
5. Speaking of plants (because duh), wanna know what plants you might vibe with based on your Zodiac sign? Click here to find out.

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