Aura Jones. Image by Sabad

I follow a myriad of personalities on social media, and they all serve a different purpose for me. Some are there to entertain. Some are there to inspire through their work. Some are there to educate and inform. And then there are those who are just simply being themselves with no specific agenda with what they share or how it's shared; their online presence and aura (no pun intended) just seems to organically shine through.
Aura Jones, a true creative at heart, and someone I've enjoyed following for the past few years, shared 12 things that really resonated with me, and I wanted to share them with you.
1. Speak consciously. Ask, "are my words clear, necessary, meaningful, and for the greatest good of the persons at whom they're directed, and self?"
2. Ask for/accept help. Need is not weakness.
3. Check your ego.
4.Send light and love when moved to. Without hesitation. Always. People are perishable.
5. Love is love. It's yours to give. Reciprocation isn't necessary. Hint: remember to give it to you too.
6. The good you do may not be remembered or acknowledged. Do good anyway.
7. Selfish isn't a cuss word. Take care of you, first, and don't apologize for it.
8. Remember to smile. And mean that shit. Life ain't ever so bad that there aren't reasons.
9. Meditating and purging your mental space of clutter is cathartic and essential.
10. Remember to pray when the blessings roll in, too.
11. Tell your mom you love her, more than sometimes.
12. You are enough.
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