Style Inspiration: Andy Csinger

You ever have a vision in your head about a specific look that you want to create, from the perfect basic tee, to that perfect pair of hip-hugging jeans, to those perfect ankle strap sandals, but can never seem to bring that vision to life? That's me. My style is very minimal; I don't particularly care for bold colors or patterns, and I don't wear much jewelry or bulky costume pieces. My idea of accessorizing is a pair of diamond-esque stud earrings and a nice watch. Knowing this, you would think it'd be fairly easy to create all these super cool minimal looks I envision in my head, and perhaps sometimes, I do hit the ball out of the park, but there's still work to be done.
There are very few people whose style I completely obsess over. In fact, I can probably count on one hand who they are, if we're being honest. What's interesting is that my top style icons all have a style completely opposite of mine. Tracee Ellis Ross, Solange, and Kelis to be specific. Their aesthetics are ironically divergent from what my eyes would normally go towards in a store (with the exception of Tracee - give me all of her clothes. I'll wear bold colors and patterns for SURE, if I could adopt her wardrobe). I guess that in some way, I would take something from each of them if I could, or else they wouldn't be on my list. But, I'm a nudes & basics girl through and through. I love grays, blacks, taupes, and whites, with an occasional army green, and I am completely content with my entire wardrobe primarily consisting of only these colors. Lately, I've been loving blush tones as well, which, to me, is also considered a nude. Give me all the nudes.
 This evening, I was online browsing for new inspiration when I came across a photo of a young lady on Pinterest. I loved her outfit, and wanted to know more, find out more, plus see more photos of her because I just knew that if she looked this damn fly in the photo that I saw, surely her flyness was consistent across the board. I did a google image search (because Google is indeed the best friend I've always wanted), and found her blog Instagram account in seconds. If I had to sum up all those super cool and effortless looks that I create in my head on a daily basis that I seem to have a hard to bringing to life, they would look something like Andy Csinger's aesthetic. It takes a lot to impress me, and it's very rare that I fall head over heels for someone's style, so when I do, it's a big deal. She literally gets it right every time.

Photo credit: Andy Csinger's Instagram

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