More Moods: A Playlist Featuring Daniel Caesar, José James, LittleDragon, & More

Let me just start by saying that Daniel Caesar's 'Get You' is a mood. Get into it.
I've been working on a new playlist to share with you, because if I can put just one person on to some new music, I've done my job for the day.
Moods II is another collection of dope vibes that acts as the perfect soundtrack for a chill atmosphere. I really enjoy making these playlists because listening to the final product is so satisfying. If you missed the original Moods playlist, just click here.
Just a reminder, my playlists (hell, anyone's playlist) flows much better when gapless playback is enabled. Just go into your settings on Spotify, and enable your crossfade option, and be sure to increase the number to 12.
Click here to enjoy.

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