Instagram Inspiration: Black Girl Edition

Instagram: FindingPaola
"As I get older, admitting when I'm wrong becomes easier. Even with other feelings, like embarrassment and pride. Taking responsibility for my actions. Listening. Really listening. To myself. And to others. All of these things are essential for growth. As far as I'm concerned, it's the least I can do."
Instagram: Carolyn.Lorraine
"I want all women, but especially women of color, like myself, to know that they can truly do whatever they put their minds to. They can be pioneers and they can be innovators in this huge creative field. The possibilities are truly endless. Carolyn Lorraine is my unconventional, artistic outlet and space, and I want to encourage minorities and all women that they too can do the same."

Instagram: YagazieEmezi
"Beauty isn't always smooth and even and prepped. It shouldn't make you want to become that 'thing' you see in others. It should simply give you room for you to want to become more of yourself."

Instagram: azemezi
"A while back, I stopped waiting for that hypothetical moment when I could finally start living my "dream" life and decided to just....start. It sounds corny as fuck but that's what happened. I'd been having wild amounts of stress because I felt I didn't have permission to live until I paid off student loans, which will take actual fucking decades and honestly, I was just tired of waiting for a future I wasn't even sure I'd reach. I was already dying.  I would've made another suicide attempt if I didn't start living for real. So now, I put my energy into my work and my chi, I plant seeds and wait to see how they germinate so I know where to go next, and I'm learning how to let life live through me instead of the other way around. I honestly have no idea how this all work work out, but my purpose is clear. Besides, I'm dying anyway. I might as well live."

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