A Simple, Encouraging Quote From Upile Chisala

“I hope we never stop talking about our dreams and what we want out of this rough, beautiful life.”

Sometimes, our dreams can seem unattainable. Sometimes they may simply seem silly.  Sometimes, we may feel like giving up or settling. Life is no easy road to travel. It seems when you take two steps forward, you're knocked back by five. But, no matter how silly or unrealistic your dreams are, or how tough life can get, keep your dreams close to your heart, and don't stop working towards what you want. Don't stop sharing your dreams with the people who encourage you the most.
I ran across Upile's instagram account earlier today and was so inspired by her content. Much love to all of you lovely creatives who are out here grinding it out and living out your dreams.
Upile's website: http://upilechisala.com
Upile on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/beingupile/
Upile's books of poetry here and here.
Photo credit: Travis Matthews

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