A Little Sunday Advice from Madisyn, Free People Blog Contributor

My favorite part of their blog is the Inspiration section because those are the posts that I relate to the most; plus their blog is a great way to discover the personal blogs of the actual contributors. This is how I discovered Madisyn, a photographer, writer, plant lady, and fellow introvert. She has a series titled '3 Things To Do For Yourself Today' which is dedicated to Sundays because "Sundays are for rejuvenation." This we can agree on, Madisyn.
For me, Sundays are for regrouping, restoring, reflecting, recharging. I try to make an effort to stay indoors (if I can help it) and take time out for myself as much as I can. Self care is like second nature to me, but there's something particularly special about Sundays. It's the day before the start of a new (and hectic) work week, so I like to indulge in self more than usual on this day. I'm not in a rush to do anything, and my main focus is simply taking it easy. Doing things that are calming, such as lighting incense and listening to my favorite jazz playlist (totally doing this right now), rearranging a piece of furniture, sometimes finding some random documentary or movie on Netflix to watch, watering my plants, preferably not talking on the telephone because humans take a lot out of me, and just doing those little things that bring me satisfaction and happiness.
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Photo credit: Who is Madisyn
Madisyn's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rebekahmadisyn/

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