'Plant Life' Update

I started buying plants about two years ago, and it's definitely been a learning experience in terms of what plants flourish in my apartment, as well as which ones I'm able to keep alive with little effort. I think I've narrowed it down: snake plants and aloe vera plants are my thing. If you own one of those and end up killing it, you're a pretty terrible person. These just might be the easiest plants to care for. Plus, they're freaking beautiful. Sidenote: I love my new wooden statue.

I posted about some of my plants back in September, and since then, I've killed a couple, and also decided which plants I wouldn't purchase again. Some from that post are still thriving, and some are a distant memory. I've put off purchasing any more until the weather warms up. I took a trip to Lowe's a couple weeks ago, and the plant section looked like a ghost town. I actually purchased one that day, but ended up returning it because I didn't love it. It didn't fit well in the space, and honestly, it scared me. I can't explain. Don't laugh.

I'm looking forward to the Spring/Summer months, as there is a much better selection to choose from.

Speaking of plants, can I take a minute to express my love for clay terracotta plant pots? I don't know, there's just something so authentic, earthy, and beautiful about them.
Photos: Crown Flora Studio, Urban Outfitters, Alice Lane Home, Remodelista, A Beautiful Mess

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