Personal Intentions for 2017 + A Winter Vibes Playlist

Do you make New Year resolutions? I don't. I haven't for quite some time now. I feel as if everyday is a chance to make life adjustments and work on "getting it right," you know? Sometimes, hard-line resolutions can be a little unrealistic, and to me, they're just an easy way to set yourself up for disappointment if you don't follow through with them. If you focus on setting small, realistic goals or personal intentions (what I like to call them), you are more likely to see some definite progress without feeling like you've failed yourself.

I want to have a good year. Realistically, I know there will be shitty moments. Not life-altering shittiness (God willing), but I don't live with my head in the clouds. I am aware that sometimes, crappy things happen. It's how you deal with those obstacles that make the difference, and one of my personal intentions for 2017 is to be more mindful of how I react when I am presented with challenges. Always feeling ill at ease is tiring. At some point, the cycle needs to be broken.

I am also planning on picking up a new hobby in the new year. I am somewhat fascinated with video editing, which means that I have also taken an interest in personal vlogs, which is one of the reasons I want a new camera. I currently own a Nikon D40, and it's about 10 years old, so it's definitely dated. Technology ages in dog years, so in a way, upgrading to a new camera has been a long time coming. I'm really excited about purchasing a new one simply because the D40 does not have video capabilities. As of now, I've researched two that I really like - the Canon G7x Mark II and the Panasonic Lumix DMG-G7. I'm not sure when I'm going to take the plunge, but perhaps in the next couple months. I toyed around in iMovie for the first time the other night (the first time; can you believe it?), and oh boy. I've got a lot to learn; however, I'm looking forward to the challenge!

I mentioned this in another blog post, but I'm really serious this year about getting outdoors more and exploring my new city. Being an introvert and a homebody is my authentic being, but deep down, I know that I won't be able to fully enjoy life if I'm on the couch all day watching Netflix documentaries. I'm very in tune with who I am, and discovering new people, places, and things fuels me, which is why it is imperative that I get out more when the weather warms up.  I also think owning a new camera will inspire me to explore more outside these walls as well. My home is my safe space. This world can be such a ugly place. I know first-hand because I've personally been a victim to the ills of this world, but there's still so much beauty in it, and I don't want that to stop me from enjoying it.

One of the most important goals I have this year is to focus on one of my credit card accounts, and pay it off. If there's one thing I'm tired of, it's owing creditors. I don't want to distract myself from this goal because this is the one aspect of my life that gives me the most grief, so making a plan, starting with the account with the smallest balance, will feel as if I'm really chipping away at all of this lovely debt that I've created for myself.

Last but certainly not least, making a conscious effort to be more kind to myself. Sometimes, I want to slap myself when I think of some of the things I've allowed my inner voice to say. I have to remember first and foremost, that whatever it is I'm doing, I'm doing to the best of my ability in that moment, and to stop beating myself up. It's truly one of the worst things you can do to yourself, because by doing that, you're embedding that negativity in your brain, and could eventually start to believe these things about yourself. Being more kind to myself, and truly knowing my worth is a top goal for 2017, because sometimes, we forget just how damn awesome we are.

Guess who made a new playlist? This girl. And of course I'm going to share it with you. All new vibes, handpicked by me, and when I say new, I don't necessarily mean new new, but new to me because I've just recently discovered some of them. Discovering new music is a high I never want to come down from. Enjoy.

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