I'm no stranger to splurging on products, but only in moderation. Sometimes, you just need that $60 bottle of facial serum. But usually, I want more bang for my buck. Don't let beauty gurus trick you into thinking the high-end products that they get for free are always worth paying for. Most times, you can find a less expensive dupe.

Everyone who knows me knows where my happy place is - the trifecta that is Homegoods, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls. For the most part, these stores pretty much carry everything I need. I LOVE their skincare department. They carry some really good brands, and if you're lucky, you can find those high-end beauty products on their shelves as well, and for half the price (Clinique, etc).

I've been eyeing this Au Lait line for a while, and have been wanting to try it out. One, I love the packaging. I'm a sucker for pretty packaging. It's classic and simple. I purchased the body milk and body butter yesterday, and couldn't wait to use it. They smell amazing and feel great on my skin. The body milk is a blend of organic milk, cocoa  butter, and sweet almond oil, and should be applied fresh out of the shower.  The body butter blend consists of organic milk, creamy cocoa butter, and glycerin. Seriously guys, I can't stop smelling myself. And they have soap. If you're able to find this brand in your local Marshalls or TJ Maxx, stock up on it. I definitely plan on doing the same! And if you can't, you can buy straight from their website.
I also picked up some of The Somerset Toiletry Company's Coconut Oil Moisturizing Hand & Nail Cream. If happy was a smell, it would probably smell like this cream. Seriously. Such a yummy scent, and only $3.99 at Marshall's. I purchased their coconut oil body scrub as well, and yes...it smells delicious enough to eat. Don't eat it though. But, I can confirm that you'll be very tempted to.