Music Monday: A Playlist to Match this Gloomy Weather

Despite it being super gloomy and wet outside, today's been pretty nice. I had the day off work, so I've just been taking it easy - something I'm pretty good at. Surprisingly, I love gloomy days, but mostly when I have no place to be. Occasionally, I enjoy little to no natural light during those days when I'm just being lazy around my apartment; however, my plants aren't too happy about it.

I've decided that I'm going to try and publish music-related posts specifically on Mondays. This could change, but let's just roll with this schedule and see how it goes. I never really wanted to put myself on any kind of schedule with my blog, because I wanted to feel free to post the content I wanted, when I wanted, and not restrict myself to certain days. The beauty about this arrangement is that I can change my mind at any given time.

I felt it fitting today, to share a lovely Spotify playlist that I created some months ago, titled Rainy Nights, Gloomy Mornings. It fits perfectly with the vibe outside, so I hope you enjoy it over one of your favorite cups of tea - or a glass of wine, whatever you're feeling in this moment.

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