Kelis's Home is a Timeless Oasis of Fabulousness

"I'm such a homebody, but I CAN be; you know - like, I've put everything that I care about in this house - from my kids, to my kitchen, to my dad's record collection to like....I literally have everything here. This is my happy place." - Kelis

That moment when you already knew that one of your favorite artists was a walking piece of art, but then you get even more confirmation of just how fly she is when Nowness goes and releases her house tour, and simply put, it's just as perfect as she is. I've seen bits and pieces of her home by way of her photoshoots with The Coveteur and her cooking special that aired on The Cooking Channel a couple years ago (oh yes, she's a chef too. You didn't know?), but to see it in all of its fabulous glory made my heart flutter just a tiny bit. Her home decor style mirrors every other aspect of her aesthetic, from her clothing to her exotic dishes. She does everything in a grand way, and we wouldn't expect anything less from her. She's perfection. Literally.

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